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Thanks so much for coming to visit me on my blog!
My name is Gayle (although on my blog I am also known as
Miss Kitty). I live in Montgomery, Alabama. 

I started my blog back in 2011 as a way of making myself get some
long-delayed home decorating projects done AND to satisfy my
desire to share some of my money-saving projects with other folks.

At the time, I was an empty-nester with a full-time job and 
I had more time to devote to doing posts for the blog. 

I enjoyed making connections with  other bloggers and 
having a wider audience for my projects.
This is at the bloggers' "Haven" Conference in Atlanta

In 2014 my elderly parents needed to move in with my husband
and I due to their declining health and limited resources.

 Taking care of them took most of my spare time so, rightfully,
 my blog went pretty much on the "back burner" of my life.
 Recently they both passed away. I am hoping to get back to
blogging more again.

A blog post that I did in 2013 was part of a "blogland tour"
 in which various bloggers did posts answering questions such as
"why do you blog", "how do you blog", etc.  That post gives you
some insight into my life and motivations. Click on the highlighted
text below to take you to that blog post.

Another post that was part of "get-to-know-your-blogger" series
was in 2011. Although some things in my life are the same as
 back then, some things have changed. 

I now have three grandchildren and I have also retired 
from working. This post shows some pictures of my family 
and little-known facts about me.
 Click on the highlighted text below to go to that post. 

Windy day at the beach with my children...crazy hair

I hope you will use some of the search features on my blog to look
at some of the almost 300 blog posts I have done that might
interest you. Thanks again for visiting me!


  1. Hi Gayle, I am also a Kopy Katter and enjoyed reading your blog and thank you for the deco mesh wreath tutorial. I will be trying it soon. Loved your photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The word empty nester is somthing made me sad i have a mom channel on youtube with the name of thpakistanimom .


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