March 18, 2011

Lazy Gardening

I do not consider myself a "yard person".  I only do as much yard work and planting of things as I have to in order to make our yard attractive enough that the neighbors will think kindly of me.  When we first moved in to this house 6 years ago, I was more gung-ho and ripped out all the bushes in along the front of the house and planted new ones.  I also planted lots of day lily bulbs in two beds in the front yard.  The bushes have done well and don't require ANY upkeep (except pruning occasionally).  I found out too late that the hardy lilies are the kind that only bloom about two weeks in the summer (but they do have great leaves about nine months of the year). I am too lazy to plant more flowers in the beds from season to season and keep them watered.  I now have a stash of seasonal fake flowers that I push down into the real leaves when the lilies are not in bloom.  These fake daffodils will have to be replaced soon since most of the real ones in the neighborhood are already through blooming.

I usually do put real flowers in these urns by the front door after danger of freezing has past but for now they have  fake spring flowers too (or "faux botanicals" as Pottery Barn calls them these days).  Even as a lazy gardener, I don't mind stepping out the front door to keep these urns watered about once a day when they do have real plants and flowers.

Front porch area (note to self: don't stand in front of the glass door when taking a makes the wreath look like it has legs.)
Close-up of spring flowers in urn on front porch

I purchased this spring-y wreath on big mark down last fall

Cute bird's nest with eggs on wreath

The backyard is almost on "auto pilot" (which is great with me) with established trees and shrubs.  We do have the crepe mrytle trees that are right up next to the house that we have cut back in the spring.  This is a much debated practice called "crepe murder" is an article about it if you want to know what the controversy is about...
Confederate jasmine
Spirea bush

"Murdered" crepe mrytles (in foreground) nestled in azalea bushes (which will bloom soon).  The crepe myrtles would be the size of the ones along the fence line if they were not pruned back each year. 

In another post I will share my "Get Tough or Die" small garden also in the back yard.


  1. Lots of pretties in your yard- real & faux. Still laughing about those faux "botanicals"!

  2. OMGosh..looks like you are handling growing flowers more than you give yourself credit for.
    Once you get the hang of growing your own flowers I'm sure the faux flowers will be a thing of the have to love flowers to continue on..I love flowers...
    have a great weekend,

  3. Oh this post makes me so ready for Spring! Love all of your flowers...faux and real. ;) Thank you so much for linking up to Inspiration Friday At The Picket Fence!

    Heather @At The Picket Fence

  4. It all looks so pretty. I've never even thought of putting faux flowers in the yard. Loving your wreath "with legs" LOL! Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  5. I think your "lazy" gardening turned out spectacular!


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