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Do It Yourself Whimsical Starfish tells how you can make
versions of starfish with spray foam from a can
 inexpensively for summer decorating.

Do It Yourself Coral gives instructions for making coral-looking
decor items from floral section at the craft store.

Fool-the-eye decorative nautical dock pilings
can be made from foam pool noodles and
wood-grained adhesive paper...see how in

Plastic Spoon Wreath shows how to make a fun
wreath simply by hot gluing plastic spoons together.

The Pointy Cone Paper Wreath uses pages from a thrift 
store book that I aged and then formed into the pretty 
wreath.  The wreath was made with a changeable center
so it can be used for other holidays or occasions.

If you need to make paper look old, here are three posts
that share different ideas for accomplishing that:
"Aging Paper" shares several different ways to make new
paper look ancient.

"Aging Paper With Coffee Grounds" shows how to use your
used coffee grounds into an aging agent. 

"How to Age Book Pages" uses tea as the main aging agent. This
process would work on most types of paper too. 

I don't pretend to be an expert on terrariums but I did do some
research on them and collected the best advice I found into the
blog post "Terrarium Tips".  I show pictures of how I but the
tips into action in making terrariums for my own home. 

If having to maintain real terrariums is not your thing, here is
a tutorial on how to make mini faux terrariums. They are nice
to use together for a focal point or centerpiece but could be 
made individually as part of a vignette or grouping. 
How to Make A Faux Terrarium 
These last about 5-7 days if you use wet oasis foam and real greenery.

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  1. Woke early this morning and was browsing blogs, found yours on the 'Sea Witches' site. I love both of you blogs, hers for her prose and images. And yours for your tutorials. My absolute favorite is your sea fan from cedar branches and also your aged paper wreath. I will be attempting both. Thank you for sharing and your detailed tutorials. I am a fan....


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