Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Using My Noodle(s)

Last week some of my thought processes were
along the lines of:
"I wish I had something tall to go on either side
of the picture on the mantle for summer."
" I wish I had a unique decorative item
 made out of pool noodles to enter into

Then the thought came into MY noodle (brain)
 to combine both of those needs
together and make mini-nautical log pilings
out of cut pool noodles to go on the beach-y mantle.

The Dollar Tree was my source for cheap noodles
and for wood-looking adhesive paper to cover them.

Six noodles and three rolls of adhesive covering were
used to make these faux pilings.

The noodles were surprizingly easy to cut even
with a kitchen bread knife.

The original plan was to group five lengths of noodles
into one piling bundle but it worked out that making
two groups of three noodles on each side was better.
Working on mantle item placement

For the size of adhesive covering that I had, it took
1/2 of the width to cover a noodle.

The wood-grain covering stuck on the noodle well and
will hopefully last through the summer but I'm not
optimistic about long-term viability.  The stick-ability
even survived me painting the covering with thinned
out neutral shades of paint to make it match my brick.
If you paint yours too, be sure to thin the paint enough
that the wood grain will still show through.

The tops of my pilings won't be visible to anyone unless
they are on a ladder but I experimented with cutting out
"knots" in the adhesive covering to cover up the noodle end.

Here I did a trial run with the logs to show what the
pilings would look like if you like the natural wood
look and not the painted version.


Being bundled with rope made the noodles easy
 to stand up but if you are going to make these
 to be outside, be aware that they are very lightweight.

Except for the noodles that I tried covering the ends,
none of the others of mine are finished off  'cause
you and me are the only ones who will see the
green foam of the pool noodle from up here
 on a ladder taking photos for close-ups.

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  1. How clever are you!!!! I would have NEVER thought of this in a million years, but I LOVE it! They really do look like something you'd see at the beach. Thanks for sharing. I may have to "copy" this idea. :)

  2. Holy creative! They are perfect...I am so copying this for my mantel! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  3. Well, I must say you get the prize or the MOST CLEVER use of a noodle (including your OWN noodle). Love it. xo Diana

  4. I am really impressed with these noodles and all of your DIY decor for your summer fireplace. Love all of it!

    Robin Flies South

  5. I am with Diana..this takes the cake for most creative. All of the noodles have been awesome, but this was genius and really unique. I hope they last too for the summer. Thanks so much for joining in. You are always so much fun to come and visit.

  6. These are amazing...I love them!
    I am trying to create a nautical theme in my den and this would be a great addition...thanks for the inspiration!

  7. This craft is jaw dropping fabulous!!!! I know I have never seen a better looking pool noodle ;) I am pinning, sharing and shouting about this gem! You way outdid yourself. Amazing!! Love the entire mantel. Great job.

  8. Too much fun!! What a great idea and it turned out so great!

    I just spotted this on facebook, shared by Fox Hollow Cottage and I just had to come take a look!!

  9. WOW! This is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  10. You are so clever! Love all your creative ideas.

  11. WOW! You are one Clever Lady! Great super Idea here! Loving it very much! Nice work!!

  12. INGENIOUS! and very attractive. I love it.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  13. I love your creativity! They look GREAT!!!
    Make it a great week!
    What Meegan makes

  14. I love this! Can I copy Miss Kopy Kat?!!

  15. Miss Kopy Kat, you are so very creative! I love this idea, now following - Hugs, Tanya

  16. I love them! Very creative and I never would have thought of this! Great job and super thrifty!

  17. I love love love these!!! I want to try this for my patio and when I tie them I'll tie them to the pole that holds up the patio overhang... Thank you so much for sharing!!

  18. Clever girl! I'm pinning this for sure. ~ Maureen

  19. Wow! My favorite pool noodle creation so far. Such a clever idea! These really look like wood. Fantastic job! :-)

  20. you definatly win the " Scathingly Brillaint" award for this month..

    I Love it- I'm gonna copy it..

    wow wow wow

  21. Those are unbelievably brilliant! I never would have thought of that. I can't get over how real they look.

  22. Great idea! This is really amazing! I love the noodle pilings! You're so creative! I enjoyed meeting you at Haven today! Your blog is great!

  23. All I can say is AMAZING!!! you really blew me away with this. This is the most creative use for the pool noodle ever! They look absolutely like the real thing. WOW!

  24. I'm so glad I got to meet you at Haven and I am now your newest follower. The noodle pilings are incredibly cute and just a super idea. I may need to make some for my pool deck, they are so darned cute!

    Gretchen @BirdNestCottage

  25. These look so real! You are amazing!
    Your mantle is ready for summer fun.

  26. This is such a creative use for a pool noodle! I enjoyed meeting you at Haven and am now your newest follower!

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  27. Another creative and beautiful project! Where do you come up with these things? I am always impressed.

  28. Hi Gayle! It was so nice to meet you at Haven! The best part of the conference was meeting lovely, creative women like yourself! This noodle project is brilliant! So out of the box creative! I'll be following along with your blogging and crafting journey! Cheers!

  29. Oh ME oh MY! This is so darn creative!! Love how you thought of the knots at the end! Your mantle is lovely!! I am so thankful to have met you at Haven. You were always smiling. Blessings to you!

  30. These are super duper awesome! So out of the box! The best pool noodle project by far!

  31. Your nautical noodles are crazy good! It was nice to meet you and your husband at Haven.

  32. Very creative! I love how they turned out! And they look great in your setting.

  33. These look great, you would never guess they are pool noodles! I love nautical stuff and will file this idea away for when I redo my sunroom.

  34. so creative! thanks for sharing, they look fab!

  35. wow! Those are awesome! What a great idea :)

  36. Wow! I never in a million years would have come up with this use for pool noodles - LOVE that you turned them into log pilings! Your whole mantel looks great, and the noodles are the perfect finishing touch :-) Love your glass floats too, by the way :-)

  37. I will be Miss Copy Cat after this! I am so going to make these! They are awesome!
    So glad we got to meet each other at Haven!

  38. Seriously, OMG in the using your noodle department! Not only is that clever they look darn good. Really has an authentic wood pilings look. High five.


  39. How nice this looks!

    And..I must say I am amazed that you came up with the idea. In a million years I would not be able to be so creative and original!

    Love it :)

  40. Wow. Thanks so much for visiting me because then I found YOUR blog and i love it. I've already pinned a lot of stuff onto my Pinterest boards and i'l going to mention you in my recent post about spray painting flowers. I want my readers to know that there is a REAL TRUE flower paint spray available. Thanks so much. I DO LOVE The pilings. Pinned under Beachy Decorating in my Pinterest. My daughter is all about Beach Decorating. i like it, too, but I'm all into my junk decorating right now. ha ha Would love to see all that you have here, including paintings. I paint, too. Take care, Linda

  41. I wanted to let you know I shared this on the fb Dollar Tree Craft page and they have a $100 contest coming up soon! I would encourage you to enter this FABULOUS creation so even more people can see it!!!! Much luck. Again, so super cool and delighted you linked up at the Pool Noodle party =)

  42. Very cool creation. You are one clever lady thinking this one up. Those dollar store pool noodles have been so fun for alot of people to create things. Love your idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comments about my bread spoons.

  43. Oh, now I have to make some of these for our lake house! So creative and definitely getting outside "the wreath" box. Although I do like those too!

  44. Your are so creative! Noodles into pilings would have never crossed my mind! You are creative.

    Many thanks for the welcome back!

  45. These are awesome! This is the most creative use of a pool noodle I've ever seen. I will be copying these for my beach mantel, or rather for the hearth. I'll have to cover the tops to set them on hearth.

  46. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be trying this out! Goodluck with the dollar store challenge!

  47. I found you from the Dollar Store contest (which I also entered) and I am now a follower; these are awesome! I can totally see using them as a prop in a play, too. Thanks!

  48. That is just too cool - love it!!! Your mantle looks fabulous too, nice job! I've got your post here linked to my post at the Blog Guidebook too today!

  49. This is incredibly ingenious. Amazing pool noodle makeover! Thanks for entering the $5 challenge.

  50. Why didn't I think of this? Lol! Grat idea and awesome execution. I am a new follower!

  51. It looks awesome - great job. I will never look at pool noodles the same ever again.

  52. This is such a gorgeous and simple idea! I love it! I have included it in my What Can You Make with a Pool Noodle Round Up. If for any reason you would like me to exlude your project please let me know and I will take it out immediately.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  53. such a cute idea, perfect for any décor. Thanks for sharing with us.

  54. These are fabulous! Any ideas on how to add some weight on them for being outside? Becoming new follower & pinning this!

  55. oh. my.goodness! This is freaking brilliant! I am SO going to get the stuff to do this TODAY! I love love love it! It turned out awesome! I just hope I can find the same stuff you got! Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea! new follower, and I'm about to go surf through the rest of your blog! Happy Fourth!

    <3 Bethany @

  56. I LOVE this, they look great! I am throwing a nautical themed baby shower for my sister and I hope I can still find a few pool noodles out there to buy so I can make these to use as decoration!!

  57. This is pretty amazing. Thank you for sharing!!

    Just curious as to where you found the thick jute "nautical" rope?
    I am in the process of doing a nautical theme in my living room.
    Thanks soooo much!

  59. Awesome idea! I replicated it for a nautical themed baby shower. I made two sets and stuck a skewer in the tops of the tallest "logs" and strung oragami sailboats across with jute rope and clothespins! Thank you for a great idea :)

  60. I love pool noodles - they're so great for crafting. And what a clever use you found for them!

  61. WOW, I've seen a lot of uses for pool noodles but this might be my favorite!! Nicely done! Thanks for bringing this to Snickerdoodle Sunday- hope to see you again this weekend!

    Sarah (Sadie Seasongoods)

  62. This is the most unique use of pool noodles yet! You are so creative, but this is probably the best yet -- love them! :)

  63. This is exactly what I was looking for. Something awesome out of something ordinary + imagination. I love it!

  64. I am looking for your tutorial on life size lincoln logs made out of pool noodles. Do you have a link?

    Thank you!

  65. What a great idea! I'm having a beach theme wedding and plan to do this. I do have one question, What type of paint of paint did you use and what did you use to thin it down. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    The PERFECT idea I was NEEDING.... for our Kid's Crusade this year!!!
    One of the games...."Build A Fire"..... I needed "logs".....
    And because we travel in a 5th wheel.... it needed to be something WITHOUT ADDED "WEIGHT" ;)

  67. How did you thin your paint? I tried using water, and the paint just beads off the contact paper.


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